Christina Walter Photography

For years I never really thought about where my love of photography came from. I knew I got my artistic side from my mom because she can draw so good and could make some beautiful pieces. But knowing the artistic side comes from her I still didn’t put the other half into it. Why the camera??? Why photography??? A passion of mine for SO MANY years. But then I realized one day being at my dads house and looking around at the completely covered walls and shelves of photos, it’s him. Growing up there wasn’t a spot on the wall that didn’t have a frame hung up on it without someone’s face. Rows of photo albums filled to the max of every moment he could possibly capture of us. Very thankful for those pictures for they hold priceless memories that we can ALWAYS look back on. My dad always carried one of his 35mm cameras with him and always had extra film. I even remember having my own small cheap cameras. One was so little it was the size of two of my fingers. I now own another one that sits in my ever growing collection of vintage cameras.  I realized my love for photography in part is owed to my dad. It’s the one thing, besides my kids of course, that I am passionate about and am good at.  And now for over 20 years I love to share my passion in Photography.  

My Story

Hi my name is Christina Walter.  Cincinnati based Photographer who loves what I do.  Photography is an aspect of my life that I treasure and is a gift.  A gift that I love to share.  I love capturing those candid moments and reliving memories through images.  I've always said "Photo's are our memories at best".  Photography is a passion in which I can thank my family and friends for and encouraging me to pursue.  Being a Photographer is something I have the pleasure of sharing with you, my future client...